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I'm not sure what the lives of most Newgrounders are like, but I suppose it's a fair bet that you all have eaten at McDonalds before. I work at one, and I don't suggest anyone do the same. Most people assume that McDonalds, like most fast food restaurants, is staffed by underpaid, undertrained, teenagers. That is not true. We actually have a good idea what we're doing. It's only when some customer does something he/she shouldn't that our entire process is disoriented and mistakes are made. Here is a list of things to keep in mind when ording at a drive through, as well as other usefull information about our food:

Most importantly, Do not, under any circumstance, begin your order with: "Uumm... uhhh... I'll take, uhh... umm... a number... uhh..." This happens way more times than it should. It makes us want to bash our heads into the window just to make it stop. I cannot stress the importance of not doing this enough.

Pay at the first window. Everyone knows this, right? At least once a day someone drives all the way across our drive-through, and every other customer assumes that they should too. Somehow, it's always the chashier's fault when this happens...

Everything but our beef patties are boiled in grease. Fries, nuggets, crispy chicken, chicken selects, spicy mcchicken, fish fillets, everything.

Don't pay with more than $1 in spare change. This is the quickest and surest way to irritate a cashier. On more than one occasion, someone has handed me two handfulls of change and had me count out what they needed. Multiple quarters are acceptable in groups of four.

We know the prices of our own food; you don't need to remind us. Some people think that if they don't specify the dollar menu item they're ordering costs a dollar, they'll be charged more. I don't know why.

Happy meals are not substitutes for a real meal. Your child needs more nutrition than 4 nuggets and some fries.

Don't use the prefix 'Mc' at the beginnig of any order. "McBurger", "McFries", McShake", etc. Maybe we really used these terms twenty years ago, but no one knows what they mean anymore. We have Mcnuggets, Spicy McChicken, and nothing else. The same applies when using the term 'Value' when referring to a size. God help you if you use the term "McValue Size"

You do not need to go all the way to McDonalds for just one large coke. Seriously. I've had one person drive through just for a cup of water. (You do have plumbing at home, don't you?)

Undestand that the idea of a drive-through is to get your food quickly. Don't order more than 10 items or charge more than $20. When you're waiting five minutes in line for your dozen double cheeseburgers, you're only pissing off everyone in line behind you. If you have a large order, come inside.

No matter what you may think, our fries have not been sitting there for several days before we served them to you. Their average sitting time is about five minutes. We honestly cannot make these things fast enough for you people. Seven times out of ten, the reason your order is taking so long is because we ran out of fries and had to make a whole new batch. The other three times is because the guy in front of you needed to have 7 Big Macs

Do not eat at McDonalds if you weigh more than 200lbs.

No one knows what Mac Sauce is. Not the crew members, not even the managers. The ingredients for Mac Sauce is a closely guarded company secret. I'm really not joking. Ask someone next time you go to McDonalds.

Late Entries: The term "Diet" is soda is misleading. It is not a 'negative' value in colorie/fat intake, and it will not help you lose weight. It simply has less calories than the standard variant. People think that choosing a diet soda will "negate" the extra calories their eating by up-sizing their meals. It simply doeasn't work that way. Some people even attempt to improve this imaginary reversing effect by ordering a large diet drink. In actuality, a large diet coke has as many calories as a regular-sized classic coke.

We no longer have "Super-Size" meals. Not sence the documentary...